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The Daily Deal Promise

Here is our promise to you

If you buy a Daily Deal voucher and redeem your Daily Deal Voucher, the relevant business will provide the goods or services to you as specified on the voucher. If the business doesn't deliver or no longer exists , we'll refund you the price you paid for the voucher purchase according to our standard terms and conditions.

All you have to do is contact us within 7 days of trying to redeem your Daily Deal Voucher by email or call to our member services centre on Australia 1300 303 384. Of course, some terms and conditions apply and these are set out below:

The Dynamic Rewards Daily Deal Promise will not apply if a business's refusal to honour the Dynamic Rewards Daily Deal deal is because the Universal Fine Print or the Fine Print specific to the voucher have not been complied with.

Only the purchaser of the voucher will be refunded the purchase price and not any gift recipient or family member.

Dynamic Rewards will only be liable for the total purchase price of the daily Deal voucher and no more